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As a rule, health services are insured in our country by the state, based on a compulsory health policy. However, such services have oftentimes great deficiencies and are not always sufficient, satisfactory or high-quality ones, particularly when it comes to severe health problems. As a consequence, we propose the facultative health INSURANCE for YOUR employees. This is the insurance that will protect YOUR employees in case of a need for a surgical operation, admission to hospital or treatment, and will relieve them from many financial troubles, thus being an important non-financial motivation for YOUR team.


  1. Deterioration of health as a result of an accident resulting in traumas or bodily injuries
  2. Deterioration of health as a result of sudden and acute disease
  3. Deterioration of health as a result of exacerbation of a chronic disease
  4. Deterioration of health as a result of occurrence of a state or an illness required medical aid

If the occurs an insured loss, the Insurer shall compensate for expenses for medical treatment if Insured’s health aggravated during the valid insurance period and if the event, for remedy of the consequences of which the insurance was contracted, requires:

  1. Outpatient medical assistance
  2. Inpatient medical assistance
  • Coverage – Republic of Moldova
  • Validity – 24/24 hours, 7 days per week
  • Period – 1 calendar year starting with the day of agreement conclusion
  • Number of appeals to health establishments – depending on the insurance agreement
  • Premium payment procedure – in full or by instalments

Republican and municipal health centres
Private health centres


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Health and Accident Insurance Department,
Telephone: 0 794 055 33, (0-22) 783-805,
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