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Facultative accident insurance

Safety of your family and your own safety is still a factor having an impact of success of each of us! Accidents may happen anywhere, at the most inappropriate moment. But in the majority of cases, the medical consequences thereof are more severe than we can even imagine. The accident insurance will protect you if there is a need for a surgical operation, admission to hospital or treatment, will relieve you from many financial troubles and will protect your close people and you yourself.
The Insurance Company “General Asigurări “JSC is a professional operator on the autochthonous insurance market, it has a large portfolio of insured that are both individuals and legal entities, and a wide experience in personal insurance!
The quality-price correlation of our insurance products is one of the best on the market. We offer you the permanent protection upon your request, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, wherever in the territory of the Republic of Moldova or abroad. We will also cover the events that may occur in the course of fulfillment of your job duties and obligations or on your normal way to work from home and vice versa, and even at all other times if you choose the 24/24 protection.
The accident insurance will protect you against events resulting from:

  • Impact, fall, sliding, biting, cutting, accidental inhalation of toxic substances and so on
  • Accidents resulting from vehicle traffic
  • Accidents caused by operation of machines, apparatuses, equipment or devices
  • Immediate effects of excessive and unexpected physical loads as a result of a force-majeure event
  • Accidents resulting in burns or freeze burns
  • Attacks of third parties, including armed attacks or attacks of an animal, and so on

Types of insurance that may be contracted:

  • Individual and family accident insurance
  • Accident insurance for vehicle drivers and other persons present in the motor vehicles
  • Collective accident insurance for employees

Persons to be insured: pupils, students, employed or unemployed individuals aged up to 70

Insured risks:

  • Death
  • Disability
  • Traumas as a result of an accident

Insurance premium:

  • The insurance premium shall be set depending on the insured amount, insured’s age, risk group, which the activities carried on by the insured relate to, and requested type of coverage.
  • Should there occur an accident from the category of those ones specified in the insurance policy, the compensation will be paid in compliance with the Insurance Terms and Conditions of the Insurer and will vary from 3 to 100% of the insured amount.

To the attention of the Insured!
Should there occur an insured loss, please, contact the COMPENSATION DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL ASIGURĂRI COMPANY (Telephone: +373 22 78-41-10 / +373 69 530 562 and present the documents to draft a damage file, as the case may be:

  • Insurance agreement (nominal policy)
  • Identity card of the insured and/or a copy thereof
  • Medical certificate or medical excerpt issued by the health establishments rendering the relevant services; medical documents regard undergone treatment, if needed
  • Medical document attesting the degree of post-traumatic disability
  • Industrial accident report, if needed
  • Conclusion of the law-enforcement authorities, if needed
  • A copy of the medical death certificate or of the necropsy document in case of insured’s death
  • Identity card of the Insurance Beneficiary in case of insured’s death
  • Heir certificate issued according to the legal procedure, in case of insured’s death

For information:

Health and Accident Insurance Department
Telephone: +373 22 78-38-23 / +373 79 405 533
E-mail: dm.lareneg@dem
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BENEFITS: In case of accident the Company pays to the insurance beneficiary financial compensation in the amount of:
  • 100% of the insured amount– in case of death
  • 100% of the insured amount – in case of severe disability (profound degree of disability);
BENEFITS: In case of accident the Company pays to the insurance beneficiary financial compensation in the amount of:
  • 100% of the insured amount– in case of death
  • 100% of the insured amount – in case of severe disability (profound degree of disability);
  • 75% of the insured amount – in case of accentuated disability (severe degree of disability);
  • 50% of the insured amount – in case of medium disability (moderate degree of disability).
  • From 3% to 100% in case of trauma (insurance compensation for bodily injuries resulting from accidents is calculated by applying the percentage quota from the Table on limits of insurance compensation to the insured amount);
INTELLECTUAL WORK - This group includes people who work in the areas of trade, planning, supervision, control, office work, legal, health, tourism, light industry, catering, food industry, photograpy, music, etc. jewelry, porters, education (except - sport teachers), etc.
PHYSICAL WORK - This group includes people with high risk of accident due to professions and activities performed by them: strenuous physical effort, work with machinery and industrial equipment, chemical, toxic, flammable, explosive substances. For example: drivers, constructors, chemists, security staff, forest rangers, veterinarians, sport teachers, mountain guides and supervisors with field activities, etc.
Insurance validity - 12 months
Insurance protection - 24/24
Insurance territory - Republic of Moldova


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