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Mortgaged real estate insurance

The advantage of this type of insurance is the possibility to conclude an agreement at the lowest price on the insurance market, subject to full cover of the insured risks.
Insured objects:

  • Real estate mortgaged in compliance with a mortgage agreement

Insured risks:

  • Fire; explosion; storm; lightning stroke;/li>
  • Flood, emergence of underground waters, seasonal floods, ice drift;/li>
  • Earthquake; mudflow, snow slide, rock fall; landslides; gale, cyclone, hurricane, typhoon, thunder clap, frosts, other natural disasters, except for storms;/li>
  • Land subsidence, soil drifting or soil settlement; /li>
  • Hail; ice slick, abundant snowfall; frost effects;/li>
  • Deliberate deteriorations or destructions; unlawful actions of third parties; rowdiness, vandalism;/li>
  • Fall on insured property of airships and/or components thereof;/li>
  • Short circuit, underground fire effects, arson; dynamiting or explosive agent effects, steam boiler explosion, gas tank explosion, explosion of machines, devices or other similar apparatuses;/li>
  • Action of external waters or rains, deterioration of insured property by water coming from water networks, water pipelines, water pipes, sewerage systems, heating systems or firefighting systems, water penetration from neighbouring premises;/li>
  • External actions: accidents caused by vehicles or self-propelled machines; accidents caused by self-propelled towing vessels, by non-propelled vessels or self-propelled floating engineering installations

Required documents:

  • A filled-in application (standard form of the Insurer)
  • Documents attesting the cost of property proposed to be insured – assessment report, purchase and sales agreements, invoices, bills and so on
  • A copy of the payment order (according to the bill issued by the Insurer, after the agreement terms and conditions are negotiated)
  • Other documents requested by the Insurer (company registration certificates, identity card, mortgage agreement, photographs and so on)

For information:

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