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Property Insurance (for legal entities)

Property insurance and other property interests insurance
Building and property insurance makes you sure that you will benefit from a financial protection of your investments, no matter what factors may affect your business.
Insured objects:

  • Real estate property (buildings, non-dwelling premises, camping, recreation centres, household facilities, separate premises, constructions and so on)
  • Movables (vehicles, except for motor vehicles, agricultural machines, self-propelled cars, self-propelled graders, truck cranes, products, goods, raw materials, materials and other tangible and commercial property, and so on)

Insured risks:

  • Fire, explosion, storm, natural disasters, including thunder clap, earthquake, gale, cyclone, hurricane, flood, freshnet, hail, torrential rainstorm and land slides
  • Burglary, unlawful actions of third parties
  • Explosion of steam boilers, gas tanks, gas pipelines, machines, devices and other similar apparatuses
  • Water penetration from water pipes, sewerage systems, heating systems and firefighting systems
  • Window, mirror, shop-case breaking
  • Fall of operated airships or of parts thereof
  • Damages suffered as a result of physical, accidental and unexpected deterioration due to internal defects of machines, electrical or mechanical equipment or any pressurised boiler or tank used by the Insured in their production activities

Required documents:

  • A filled-in application (standard form of the Insurer)
  • Documents attesting the cost of property proposed to be insured – assessment report, purchase and sales agreements, invoices, bills, etc.
  • A copy of the payment order (according to the bill issued by the Insurer, after the agreement terms and conditions are negotiated)
  • Other documents requested by the Insurer (company registration certificates, identity card, mortgage agreement, photographs and so on)

For information:

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