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Comprehensive Home Insurance

The advantage of this insurance is the promptitude of insurance policy issue that may be also realised at home, without a need for filling in several applications for different types of insurance.

What do we insure?

  • Dwelling houses, apartments, villas and summer cottages, and so on (except for buildings and premises that are not registered at Cadastru State Enterprise and/or are in disrepair)
  • Home property
  • Accident insurance for YOUR family
  • Third-party liability

Insured risks:

  1. In case of dwellings and home property:
  • Fire (fire propagation, explosion); natural disasters (storm, snowstorm, lightning, earthquake, flood); damage of the water pipeline systems, sewerage systems, heating systems and firefighting systems, water penetration from neighbouring premises; fall of airships or parts thereof, or of other objects; unlawful actions of third parties (acts of vandalism, theft, robbery, hold-up). Home property is not insured against a lightning stroke. Extra risk: ‘third-party liability insurance’
  1. In case of accidents:
  • Death, disability and injuries resulting from an accident
  1. In case of third-party liability:
  • Damages that may be incurred on other persons (e.g.: flooding a downstairs neighbour)

required documents:

* A filled-in application (standard form of the Insurer)
* Documents that may attest the cost of property proposed to be insured – assessment report, purchase and sales agreements, invoices, bills, etc.
* Other documents requested by the Insurer (identity card, photographs, etc.)


For information:
Property Insurance Department,
Telephone: (022) 78-57-12,
E-mail: dm.la1580200747reneg1580200747@irun1580200747ub1580200747

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