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If YOUR Company deals with local or international carriage of goods by road, you bear liability for integrity of cargoes you transport. Carriage by road implies multiple risks, such as loss or destruction/deterioration of cargoes transported. The carrier’s liability insurance will make you sure that you will benefit from an amount required to compensate to the owner of transported cargoes if there occurred an evil event in the course of such transportation. The CMR insurance is based on the provisions of the 1956 Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR), stipulating carrier’s liability for cargoes carried by them.
Risks covered:

  • Liability for loss/destruction and/or deterioration of the cargoes carried
  • Financial damages caused by errors and omissions
  • Failure to meet cargo delivery deadlines
  • Reasonable expenses borne for the purpose of damage reduction

Insurance premium:
Is determined based on the type of cargoes, limits of liability, number of vehicles and type thereof (tarpaulin cover/refrigerators), route and insurance period.

For information:

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