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Steps to follow in case of a damage:

 Step 1: Measures to limit the damage

  1. Please, take the required measures to limit the damage.
  2. Promptly inform the competent authorities (Association of Owners, police authorities, firefighting authorities and so on) and claim for drafting of the relevant documents regarding the causes and circumstances of insured loss occurrence.

 Step 2: Notification of an insured loss to GENERAL ASIGURARI

If you need a damage claim to be opened by and notified to GENERAL ASIGURARI Company, you may contact us, using the following procedures:

  • You can telephone us at (+373-22) 78-41-09 from Monday to Friday, from 08:30 a.m. to 05:30 p.m.
  • You can send us an e-mail at any time at the address: dm.lareneg@iribugapsed, specifying the details of the insured loss, series/number of the GENERAL ASIGURARI policy, your name and contact details
  • You can send the documents by post at the address: GENERAL ASIGURARI, 106 Burebista Street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Documents required to consider the damage claim:

  • Identity card of the insured
  • A copy of the insurance agreement (policy)
  • A copy of the document attesting the insurable interest (a document regarding the ownership right/rent, purchase invoices and so on) in the insured property
  • A power of attorney (in case of individuals) or proxy/delegation (in case of legal entities) signed and sealed by the insured if the person taking part in notification/establishment of the damage is not the insured themselves
  • Schemes/plans of the damaged dwelling
  • Documents issued by the competent authorities, depending on the insured risk:
    • In case of insured loss occurrence as a result of accidental water leakage from the water pipes – you need to appeal to the Association of Owners; if there is a guilty person, you need to address to the police authorities
    • In case of a theft or an act of vandalism – you need to address to the police authorities
    • In case of a fire – you need to present a report issued by the firefighting authorities
    • In case of damages caused by atmospheric phenomena or floods – you need to address to the National Meteorology Authority


IT IS IMPORTANT: Please, do not promise any payments and do not make any arrangements without consent of GENERAL ASIGURARI!

*GENERAL ASIGURARI shall reserve the right to require, as well, other documents, besides those one specified above, for the purpose of analysing the causes of insured loss occurrence and damage amounts.