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About our company


The Insurance Company GENERAL ASIGURĂRI JSC was founded on 27 October 2016 and its authorised capital is 67.500.000 MDL. It gathered the best insurance professionals with a wide experience in this sector, so General Asigurări team presently comprises about 900 employees working in Chisinau headquarters, 39 territorial offices throughout the country, with more than 110 points of sales. The largest insurance sales network in the country allows our clients to be serviced almost in any locality of our country, including the border checkpoints. The Company’s goal is to become the leader of the Moldovan insurance market and to achieve the greatest insurance portfolio and the highest level of client servicing.





The mission of GENERAL INSURANCE is to strengthen the financial security of our customers, through insurance programs adapted to current needs and the modern and dynamic lifestyle. We aim to provide a good mix of protection, counseling and service.



We want to play a key role in people’s quality of life through insurance. Let’s create added value every day through everything we offer. We value prosperity, safety, advice, things we offer to our clients through insurance services.



We keep our promises, because we have a relationship based on mutual trust both with our employees and partners, and with all the customers whose lives we want to make easier every day.

We are open, curious and strong. We see things from a different perspective and are ready to provide the best for our customers.

The “General Asigurări” company wants to be a reliable partner for its clients, offering policies tailored to the needs and requirements of each one, we know and recognize that each client is unique.


Type of insurance provided by GENERAL INSURANCE:

  • MTPL Insurance
  • GREEN CARD insurance
  • CASCO insurance
  • Home and Property Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • CMR, CARGO insurance
  • Insurance in Agriculture, etc.