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”House Owner” Insurance

Individuals property insurance ‘House Owner’ – Standard
The advantage of this type of insurance is the lowest insurance deductible on the insurance market (the part of damage, the insurer does not pay for at the moment of occurrence of an insured loss), plus, free third-party liability insurance as a benefit.
What do we insure?

  • Dwelling house, apartment, villa and summer cottage, and so on (except for buildings and premises that are not registered at Cadastru State Enterprise and/or are in disrepair)
  • Home property
  • Third-party liability

Insured risks:

  • In case of dwellings and home property:
      – Fire or explosion; lightning stroke into the house; earthquake; acts of vandalism of persons, except for deteriorations caused by lessees or persons dwelling in that house; theft or attempted theft of the specified objects as a result of forced and violent penetration into the dwelling house, except for those ones realised by lessees or persons normally dwelling in that house; water leakage from a tank, water-pipe or drainage; revolts and civil disturbances, action of persons taking part in production conflicts or disorders, or actions of any legitimate authorities, taken with regard to production conflicts; collision as a result of motor vehicle driving or aerial device operation; fall of cosmic particles or aero-structures, rocket or satellite elements; fall of a tree or a branch thereof; fall of an antenna or of a satellite antenna that was broken or destroyed; actions of an animal; storm; rain water.
  • In case of third-party liability:.
      – Damages that may be incurred on other persons (e.g.: flooding a downstairs neighbour).

Required documents:

  • A filled-in application (standard form of the Insurer)
  • Documents attesting the cost of property proposed to be insured – assessment report, purchase and sales agreements, invoices, bills, etc.
  • Other documents requested by the Insurer (identity card, photographs, etc.)

For information:

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