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What to do in case of TRAVEL insured loss occurrence?

Should an insured loss occur during your vacation, you have to contact promptly our partner – Nova Assistance International Assistance Company specified in the insurance policy. The following persons may notify about an insured loss: the insured, insured’s representative, attending physician or representative of the hospital department, using the following contact details:

Nova Assistance headquarters, telephone: (+ 373 22) 994 955
Bulgaria: +359 569 180 04
Turkey (Antalya): +90 242 988 0235
Egypt: +20 114 904 45 46
Greece: +30 211 198 3973
Ukraine: +380 443 745 026
Thailand: +666 000 35 168
Russia: +7 49 578 305 15
Spain: +349 317 314 27
Romania: +40 312 294 628
Other countries of the world: (+373 22) 994 955
Fax: (+ 373 22) 874 955
E-mail: ten.tsisavon@eciffo
Skype: nova-assistance

Please, report the following information to Nova Assistance Company:

  • Surname and name of the person suffering from a medical insured loss
  • Name of the insurance company
  • Number of the insurance policy and insurance period
  • Telephone number and address to contact you
  • Date of trip beginning
  • Reason for claiming for assistance (actual status of the insured loss)
  • And, please, abide by the instructions received from Nova Assistance Company

Should you notify the insured loss directly to Nova Assistance Company, the payment for medical expenses will be made directly by the assistance company on the insured’s behalf to the health services providers.

Should the insured pay for the value of medical expenses on their own account, the payment of the compensation due to such an insured will be made by the Insurer, based on the opened damage file, within 7 days after coming back to the country, at the Compensation Department of the Headquarters of the Insurance Company GENERAL ASIGURARI JSC located at the address: Republic of Moldova, Chisinau Municipality, 106 Burebista Street, telephone (+373 22) 78-41-10; dm.lareneg@dem.

Documents required for settlement of the damage file:

  • An application of the insured, describing the insured loss and amount of the expenses borne (in original)
  • Insurance policy
  • Identity card of the insured
  • Birth certificate of minor persons, if needed
  • Document attesting that you passed the borders of the Republic of Moldova, more exactly – air ticket/train ticket /bus ticket and bill or payment slip related to purchase thereof; or road toll/tax and bill or payment slip attesting the payment of the road tax upon leaving the territory of the Republic of Moldova by car and in the territory of any neighbouring country; or a copy of the passport containing a travel visa and/or a stamp of entry into the country of destination and/or travel visas and/or stamps of entry into transit countries
  • Medical documents attesting the diagnosis and treatment recommended by the attending physician: medical certificate or medical excerpt issued by the health establishment providing the relevant services; medical documents related to the treatment received, as the case may be, including X-ray examination in case of fractures or other investigations that confirm the relevant diagnosis (in original)
  • Bills and recipes (in original) issued in the insured’s name and related to medical expenses for expenses for repatriation (medical or post-mortem repatriation), inclusively those ones for pharmaceutical drugs (a copy of the medical prescription issued by the attending physician, and cashier’s receipt issued by a drug store and related to drug purchase)
  • Translation of the documents if they were drafted in the languages differing from Romanian or Russian
  • In case of dental treatment, medical documents/bills shall contain the information on the teeth treated and treatment administered
  • Banking details for MDL (lei) transfer
  • Any other documents relevant for file settlement

The Insurance Company GENERAL ASIGURARI JSC shall reserve the right to require, as well, other documents, besides those one specified above, for the purpose of analysing the causes of insured loss occurrence and damage value.