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The Republic of Moldova was admitted as a member of the international Green Card system by the General Assembly of London Interoffice Council in 1997 and obtained the right to issue its own international Green Card insurance policies on 21 August 2001. The Green Card insurance protects the third-party interests in case of damages to their life, health and property, resulting from road accidents occurred outside the Republic of Moldova (in the territory of the member states of the Green card system). Insurance agreements are concluded for a period from 15 days up to a year. The insurance premium share is established depending on the countries, where the Insured goes to, motor vehicle type and insurance period. The limits of Insurer’s liability comply with the legal provisions of the country of accident.
Insured’s duties in case of an insured loss:

  • To take measures, within the limits of their possibilities, for diminution of damages arising from a road accident
  • To inform promptly the police authorities or other law-enforcement authorities about an accident and to ask to draft the documents regarding causes and circumstances of occurrence thereof, as well as regarding damages incurred
  • To present the Green Card insurance certificate to the road accident victim and to the police authorities, if the Insured is liable for the damages caused. It shall be considered starting with that moment that the Insured’s duties before a damaged third party have been fulfilled but liability has been assumed by the Green Card Office of the relevant country
  • If the relevant accident is not the first one with participation of the Insured and sheet II ‘Duplicate’ of the police authorities has been already separated – to make a photocopy of the ‘Original; and to forward it to the damaged person; or to specify the information from the Green Card certificate in the document attesting insured loss occurrence. Sheet I ‘Original’ of the police authorities shall be always kept by the Insured
  • If documents regarding the insured loss are drafted in an unknown language – to mention the remark: ‘I do not understand this language’

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