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What to do in case of occurrence of a CASCO insured loss?

If you need a damage claim to be notified to the Insurance Company GENERAL ASIGURARI JSC, you may use the following procedures:

  • You can telephone us at (+373-22) 78-41-15, 78-41-07,  from Monday to Friday, from 08:30 a.m. to 05:30 p.m.
  • You can send us an e-mail at any time at the address: dm.lareneg@iribugapsed, specifying the details of the insured loss, series/number of the GENERAL ASIGURARI policy, your name, contact details and, if needed, documents attesting insured loss occurrence
  • You can send the documents by post at the address: Insurance Company GENERAL ASIGURARI JSC, Moldova, Chisinau Municipality, 106 Burebista Str.
  • You can come to the Claims Department headquarters of the Insurance Company GENERAL ASIGURARI JSC, Chisinau Municipality, 106 Burebista Street, 3 floor (map) or to any territorial subdivisions across the country.

Information required for damage notification:

  • Identification and contact information of the persons involved in the insured loss, particularly of that one, who makes the appeal, of the vehicle drivers, both of insured and damaged ones, if needed
  • Causes and circumstances of insured loss occurrence, including the details of the place of the insured loss and the moment of occurrence thereof, i.e. date and time
  • Identification information about the motor vehicles involved in the insured loss
  • Details of the location and state of the damaged vehicle (whether it may be driven or not)
  • Place, where you want the damage establishment to take place

It will be very easy to provide the above information if you have at hand at least the following documents:

  • Insurance policy
  • Your identity card
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle damaged
  • Driving licence of the person driving the vehicle damaged
  • Documents issued by the authorities (police/firefighting/other authorities), or amicable car accident settlement, as the case may be
  • Other documents, depending on the insured loss

The above documents are an enumeration of the papers that may be useful to have on you for the purpose of damage notification, however, these are not the documents required for damage settlement.

After you provide the above details, you will get all the information required for damage establishment.

List of documents required to be presented by the insureds:

  • Identity card of the insured or of the attorney-in-fact
  • Driving license of the person driving the vehicle at the moment of insured loss occurrence
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle damaged
  • Report on technical inspection of the vehicle, valid as of the date of the accident
  • Trip ticket if the motor vehicle is the property of a company
  • A copy of the CASCO policy, or number and series of the insurance policy
  • File of offence (a certified copy thereof) or any other document issued by the police authorities and stating how and when the insured loss occurred, and, if needed who is guilty of damage infliction
  • Proxy from the company if the motor vehicle is the property of a company
  • Notarised power of attorney if the owner cannot present themselves at the time of damage establishment
  • Proxy from the leasing company if the motor vehicle is the property of a leasing company

* The documents mentioned on this web site are a minimum required for opening a damage file. The damage inspectors from GENERAL ASIGURARI may also require any additional documents, if needed, after the establishment is made.

If you need an assistance in case of a damage, you may telephone at (022) 78-41-15 (12), or appeal to the Chisinau general e-mail address dm.lareneg@iribugapsed.

Please, access the list of territorial subdivisions, in order to contact the Damage Service of each territorial office of GENERAL ASIGURARI.