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Why do you need the facultative insurance of carried cargoes? Destruction, loss or theft or cargoes are only some risks, which the cargoes are exposed to in the course of transportation. You as a cargo owner can benefit from an effective solution aimed to prevent the damages in the course of transportation and offered by the CARGO Insurance, a complex and flexible product of the Insurance Company GENERAL ASIGURARI JSC.
Insured objects:

  • Cargoes carried on the basis of a transport or forwarding agreement.

Packages of insured risks:

  1. Liability for all the risks

Based on an insurance agreement concluded under such terms and conditions, there are compensated:

  • Losses resulting from deterioration or complete destruction of entire cargo or a part thereof, due to any reason
  • Losses and expenses for a general accident
  • All necessary and reasonable expenses for cargo salvage, as well as for diminution of prejudices or for establishment of the amount thereof if such prejudices are recovered in compliance with the insurance terms and conditions
  1. Liability for a specific accident

An insurance agreement concluded under such terms and conditions covers the following risks:

  • Losses resulting from deterioration or complete destruction of entire cargo or a part thereof, due to fires, lightning, storms, gale or other natural disasters, shipwreck or collision of vehicles or airships with each other, or impact thereof with movable or immovable objects, ship grounding, bridge falling, explosion, ship deterioration by ice, watering with overboard water and, as well, as a result of measures taken for cargo salvage or fire extinguishing
  • Losses resulting from complete disappearance of a vehicle
  • Losses resulting from deterioration or complete destruction of entire cargo or a part thereof as a result of accidents occurred in the course of loading, storage, unloading or ship bunkering, as well as in the course of any other required technological operation
  1. No liability for deterioration, except for shipwreck
  2. According to an insurance agreement concluded on the basis of such terms and conditions, there are compensated only losses arising as a result of destruction of entire insured cargo or of a part thereof due to the reasons mentioned in Package no.2, as well as cargo deterioration only in case of vehicle destruction, including losses, expenses and quotas for a general accident, as correlated to such cargo

Insurance period:

    The period of cargo insurance is equal to the period of carriage thereof but cannot be less than 15 days.

Remark: The insurance protection (Insurer’s liability) cannot start if the insurance agreement was concluded after occurrence of an insured loss and/or in case of imminent probability of occurrence thereof, as well as before the time period specified in the insurance agreement (policy).

Procedure of insurance agreement conclusion:

  • When insuring cargoes, the Insurer shall submit an application for insurance thereof.
  • The Insurer shall examine the availability and condition of cargoes proposed to be insured.
  • The Insurer together with the Insured shall negotiate the insurance agreement, taking into account the basic tariff amounts and relying on the profitability level, probability of insured loss occurrence and standards set for management expenses.

Insured amount:

  • The insured amount of cargoes proposed to be insured shall be set by the parties, based on the invoice amount.

Total insurance premium:

  • The total insurance premium shall be calculated depending on the insured amount and negotiated tariffs.
  • After the insurance premium is paid, the Insured is issued a policy specifying the time frames of insurance. Insurer’s liability shall start on the day of insurance premium payment (or a part thereof in case of payment by instalments).

Remark: When concluding the insurance agreement, the Insured shall be bound to inform the Insurer about all the circumstances that may be of importance for assessment of the risk level of the objects proposed to be insured, and to answer the questions that are of interest for the Insurer.

Documents required to be presented for conclusion of a property insurance agreement:
The Insured shall be bound to present the following documents to conclude a property insurance agreement:

  • A filled-in application (standard form of the Insurer)
  • Documents attesting the cost of cargoes proposed to be insured – purchase and sales agreements, invoices, bills, etc.
  • A copy of the payment order (according to the bill issued by the Insurer, after negotiation of agreement terms and conditions)
  • Other documents requested by the Insurer (company registration certificates, photographs, etc.)

For information:

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