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Facultative Health Insurance for the period of a trip abroad

No matter where you go on a trip, with a partner or on your own account, on a tourist trip, on a visit, on a business trip, to study or to work, but health insurance of trips abroad will offer you protection against unexpected events that relate to your health or may affect your trip. The Insurance Company General Asigurări JSC is a professional operator on the autochthonous insurance market, it has a large portfolio of insured that are both individuals and legal entities, and a wide experience in personal insurance! The quality-price correlation of our insurance products is one of the best on the market.
The standard insurance protection comprises coverage of medical expenses in case of:

  • Sudden disease
  • Acute exacerbation of chronic disease if health assistance implies emergency measures aimed to save the Insured’s life, or measures aimed to mitigate the acute pain
  • An accident outside the Republic of Moldova, within the limits of the amount insured – 5,000-10,000-30,000-40,000-50,000 EUR
  • Coverage of emergency expenses for dentistry, within the limits of 150 EUR
  • Medical evacuation
  • Medical repatriation and post-mortem repatriation

Compensations are paid for in full in compliance with the insurance terms and conditions of the Insurance Company General Asigurări JSC. Payment of compensations is realised both through intermediary of an assistant company, directly at the health establishment, and through reimbursement of the expenses suffered by the insured if the latter personally paid for health services and medications – as soon as possible after insured’s coming back to their country.
The assistant company servicing us is NOVA-ASSISTANCE, a company having co-operation agreements with the largest networks of health clinics in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania and cooperating with all international assistant companies, so it is able to manage insured losses together with our professionals, as soon as possible.
When you go on a trip, please, do not forget to take with you the medications you administer. It will be good, as well, if you take drugs for headaches, cold, diarrhoea and antiseptic drugs.
What shall you do if medical interference is inevitable?
You shall promptly contact the assistant company named by GENERAL ASIGURĂRI, by the telephone number specified on the reverse side, and tell the following information to the operator:

  • Surname and name
  • Policy number, policy period and company’s name: GENERAL ASIGURARI
  • Place you are in; address and contact telephone number
  • Reason why you are applying for physician’s assistance

Please, follow the instructions of the assistant company that will arrange provision of required medical aid.

Should you have no possibility to contact the assistant company by telephone before consulting a physician or visiting a health establishment, you will be bound to contact such an assistant company as soon as possible. In this event, should you bear the expenses for medical services, you will be entitled to submit an application for compensation and to enclose thereto the following documents within 7 days after coming back to the country:

  • Insurance policy
  • Travel documents and identity card of the insured
  • Medical certificate and physician’s conclusion, subject to indication of the patient’s name, diagnosis and list of the services rendered
  • Medical prescription bearing the physician’s seal
  • Bills and payment slips for the medical services rendered and for purchase of drugs, subject to indication of the price of each medication

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