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If you made an incorrect online payment:

1. Contact your insurance consultant
2. Fill in the required data in the form below:
3. A GENERAL ASIGURARI representative will solve your request, and the amount wrongly paid will be returned to your account.

Request for refund of amounts paid

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I declare on my own responsibility and I am bound by this statement:
1) That there has been no insured case related to the insurance policy indicated above that could give rise to any claims from the insured or third parties;
2) The technical and / or legal solution related to the eventual claim for compensation adopted by GENERAL ASIGURĂRI SA will be opposable to me;
3) In case it is found that an insured case has taken place based on the policy for which I request a refund, I undertake to bear the material damage caused, including the amount of insurance compensation paid by or claimed from the Insurer, the related expenses (commission, proof, penalties, etc.) and to reimburse the equivalent of 100% of the amount of the insurance premium, received by me after the reimbursement.

Note: the amount wrongly paid will be returned to your account only after a GENERAL ASIGURĂRI representative has resolved your request. You will be contacted as soon as possible. Thank you!