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Third-party Liability Insurance

The Insurance Company GENERAL Asigurări JSC proposes the general third-party liability insurance against prejudices caused to life, health or property of third parties.
General third-party liability insurance
Any legal entity may cause prejudices to third parties as a result of conduct of their activities stipulated by its Articles of Incorporation or law. So there is proposed to insure third-party liability for prejudices caused to life, health or property of third parties in the course of conduct of different activities of the Insured.
Insurance of liability of hazardous enterprises
If your company possesses and uses hazardous industrial objects in compliance with article 16 of Law no.116 of 18 May 2012 on Industrial Safety of Hazardous Industrial Objects, then it is bound to insure its liability for prejudices caused to life, health or property of other persons, as well as to environment in case of an accident at a hazardous industrial object, according to the legislative instruments and other regulatory instruments. There may be insured the liability related to use of the following hazardous industrial objects:

  • Pressurised tanks and boilers, steam pipes
  • Gas distribution installations and devices
  • Objects of mining and quarry industries
  • Objects for cereals storing, drying and processing and so on
  • Hoisting equipment: elevators, cranes and gantry cranes

Professional indemnity insurance
If you are a notary, law-enforcement official, lawyer, auditor, architect, projector, accountant, assessor and so on, then the Insurance Company GENERAL Asigurări JSC offers protection in the form of the insurance against professional risks arising from your activities. Contracting the professional indemnity insurance makes it possible to avoid financial problems and maintain client confidence. Thus, the Insurance Company GENERAL Asigurări JSC covers the risks arising from the activities of:

  • Insurance agents and brokers
  • Notaries
  • Auditors and accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Official receivers
  • Law-enforcement officials.

The insurance of stability and good operation of your company, compensation for prejudices caused and risk minimisation is possible if you contract a general third-party liability policy at the Insurance Company GENERAL Asigurări JSC.

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