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Steps to follow in case of a damage

If you need a damage claim to be opened by and notified to the Insurance Company GENERAL ASIGURARI JSC, you may contact us, using the following procedures:

  • You can telephone us at (+373-22) 78-41-10 from Monday to Friday, from 08:30 a.m. to 05:30 p.m.
  • You can send us an e-mail at any time at the address: dm.lareneg@dem, specifying the details of the insured loss, series/number of the GENERAL ASIGURARI policy, your name and contact details
  • You can send the documents by post at the address: Insurance Company GENERAL ASIGURARI JSC, Republic of Moldova, Chisinau Municipality, 106 Burebista Street.
  • You can send the documents by fax: (+373 22) 78-38-01

We need the following information, in order to get a notification about the damage claim:

  • Series/number of the insurance policy
  • Date of insured loss occurrence
  • Name of the insured/prejudiced person
  • Details of the insured loss circumstances
  • Telephone number/e-mail address to contact you

Documents required to consider the damage claim:

  • A copy of the insurance policy serving as a basis for notification about an insured loss
  • A copy of the identity document of the insured or a copy of the birth certificate, when it comes to a minor person, and a copy of the identity document of such minor person’s representative
  • A copy of the medical document issued on the day of consultation and stating the diagnosis and treatment administered by the health establishments that rendered first aid after an accident and/or examined and treated the insured later (medical certificate, medical letter, hospital discharge summary, sick leave certificate, copies of medical prescriptions and so on)
  • A copy of the report stating occurrence of a workplace accident if such an accident occurred at the workplace of the insured
  • A readable (easy-to-follow) copy of the report drafted by the police authorities at the place of accident (in case of road accidents)
  • Medical examination report stating the actual clinical condition (only in case of onset of permanent disability as a result of the accident)
  • Payment slips/cashier’s receipts (in original), bills for drugs purchase, rehabilitation sessions and so on
  • A copy of the medical certificate stating the death of the insured
  • A copy of the identity document of the insurance beneficiary (either of a named beneficiary or of an heir)
  • An heir certificate (certified copy) or a certificate of the status of an heir (certified copy) if no beneficiary was named in the policy
  • Banking details for MDL (lei) transfer


GENERAL ASIGURARI shall reserve the right to require, as well, other documents, besides those one specified above, for the purpose of analysing the causes of insured loss occurrence and damage value.